Eberlestock Reveille Sleeping Bag G-Loft



 This top-of-the-line European-made synthetic bag will go head-to-head with any synthetic bag on the planet.

This great 3-season bag can be combined with our Ultralight bag (with the latter used as a liner), which turns the pair into an excellent cold weather bag. If you buy both, you will be ready for any environment.

The Reveille features Carinthia G-Loft insulation, the best synthetic insulation on the planet. This type of bag is recommended for environments where you may encounter wet conditions, as G-Loft maintains very good insulation performance and keeps its loft when damp.


  • Comfort rated to 5 F. Practical "push" rated to -36 F
  • Sizes: Regular for body height up to 72.5". Long for body height up to 78.7"
  • Weight: 4.0 lbs

Benefits Of G-Loft Insulation

Warm and Light

Maximum heat rating at a minimum weight: G-Loft is measurably perceptibly lighter and has measurably higher heat rating/thermal efficiency for the same weight.

Highly Compressible

The small pack size wonder: When packing and stowing air escapes from the G–Loft insulation which then rapidly builds up again due to the 'Memory Effect'.

Top Wet Condition Performance

Unlike down the G–Loft fiber does not absorb moisture. Thus it guarantees a very high thermal performance even under wet conditions.

Highly Breathable

The breathable G–Loft products guarantee a perfect temperature control in the outdoor area and an optimal sleeping climate.

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