Acebeam L19 Longest Range Hunting Flashlight


Nearly 5,000ft Throw Searchlight

Acebeam's L19 is a long-range searchlight with tactical features, boasting a 1,520m throw and 2,200 lumen beam (green edition) for search and rescue operations. A white LED edition offers similar, but reduced output levels.

With both LED versions, you'll have access to six brightness levels all the way down to a low-lumen moonlight mode, providing a variety of lighting solutions for camping, hiking, reading, and more. A stobe mode is available as well, capable of disorienting an assailant. The tactical strike bezel can also be used as an emergency glass breaker.

Multiple Fuel Options

The L19 is compatible with 21700, 18650, RCR123A rechargeable batteries, as well as single-use CR123As. A LED indicator helps you track the remaining battery power, letting you know when it's time to recharge.

BRIGHTNESS 1,650lumens 870lumens 470lumens 220lumens 60lumens 1lumens 900lumens
RUNTIME 1.5hours 2.25hours 5hours 12hours 47hours 94days 3hours
DISTANCE 1,300meters 841meters 612meters 429meters 230meters - -
INTENSITY 422,407candela 176,938candela 94,514candela 46,104candela 13,188candela - -
This flashlight may need a battery with a high discharge rate. Acebeam recommends their IMR21700NP-510A, a 21700 battery with a 5,100mAh capacity and built-in USB port for easy charging.

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