Armytek Prime C2 Flashlight (Non Magnet rechargeable)

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Considered a city light, this compact flashlight is perfect for nights out on the town. Store it in your bag, pocket, purse, backpack, vehicle, or even mount it to your liking. Keep safe during those long nights out, or stay prepared when the elements take over.

  • Superb light of amazing constant brightness due to powerful electronics and active temperature control without timers
  • Efficient TIR-optics and no “tunnel vision” effect even after continuous use
  • Warning Indication of low battery level and high temperature
  • Side switch for comfortable one-hand operation and easy modes switching
  • Ultra low current drain in OFF-state - more than 25 years
  • Removable clip, comfortable holster and possibility of tail-stand for multipurpose use
  • Compact and light-weight flashlight of guaranteed durability stands up harsh impacts and falling from 10 meters
  • Total protection from water, dirt and dust penetration - flashlight continues to work even at the depth of 10 meters

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