Bag + Mini Tin Ultimate Fire Tinder

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An absolute essential for any explorer headed off the beaten path. Keep fire in your pocket through any journey and worry not when it's wet or traversing a heavy snowstorm. This item can make camping stress free and your gear load lighter, can be a stealthy backup if your fire making skills are rusty, or a safer alternative around the house. Stop throwing gasoline on the actual fire!
  • Thousands of highly flammable micro fibers.
  • Always ready to catch a spark even when wet.
  • Can be lit with a lighter or firesteel.
  • Highly resistant to water, wind and snow.
  • Can burn on water or snow without protection.
  • Just a small amount is necessary to start a fire.

Packaged inside a sealed Mylar bag. Include a micro tin that can be reused for other projects. The tin has a seal cap to prevent moisture or water to come in. The micro tin can be fitted into limited spaces and provide reliable way to make a fire in any weather conditions. The Tin can be refilled at home.


Tin Size: 1.5” x 0.75” 

Tinder  weight: 130 g

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