Armytek Remote Switch

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Upgrade your front bike light with a Armytek flashlight to get a full range of sight during those late night rides, attach the light at the front of your camping tent to check in on surrounding noise, or advance your hunting weapon with a flashlight you know you can count on. Wherever you plan to mount it, the remote switch makes your creativity come true.

Remote controls are needed for various applications when it’s problematic to switch a flashlight on and off directly. Tactical remote switch must possess the same durability characteristics as a quality flashlight. Armytek remote controls are made from strong and reliable materials and provide comfortable use on gun barrel or bike handle bar. Depending on a desirable length you can choose a remote switch with flat or curl cord to adjust it to your equipment for easy and fast access to the tactical flashlight.

Specially designed remote switch with curl cord allows you to use your flashlight with most types of weapon. The length of cord can vary from 25 to 70cm. The switch is compatible with all Armytek tactical Flashlights.