Wool Blanket (70%) Military Grade

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A piece of gear every prepper or survivalist should have. This 70% wool blanket will last a lifetime.  Unlike synthetic fibers, wool was meant to take abuse which is why its used by militaries the world over. With only 30% synthetic fibers this is one of the most durable blankets around, while still leveraging the synthetic fibers to create a comfortable material that will keep you warm even if its wet.

Keep warm by the fire, while fishing, or anywhere you are in the great outdoors with this World Famous blanket. The 70% wool blend ensures you stay warm even if the blanket gets wet. This blanket has a design inspired by the Italian Military issued blanket and has finished edges for long-lasting durability. It measures 157cm (62") by 203cm (80").

  • Ideal for camping, fishing, or anywhere your outdoor adventures take you
  • 70% wool blend keeps you warm even if the weather is wet 
  • Replica of the Italian Military issue blanket
  • Finished edges offer long-lasting durability
  • Blanket measures 157cm (62") by 203cm (80")

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Your Canadian Prepper bug out bag video claims to depict a 90% wool blanket, however, the "wool blanket" link in the video description pulls up this 70% wool blanket. I have a nearly identical blanket and it is a decent warm versatile piece of gear, but I was hoping to find a larger thicker heavier blanket with a higher wool content.

Michael Kennny
Wonderful item

So I went to pick up the blanket from my PO Box, the day of the great flooding in BC. Power out thus my heat was out when I got home due to a blackout. Damn good thing I had it to wrap up in and use later that night. This was for a camping/bugout bag. Now? I may need a second as it's just proven so useful in general this winter.

Kept my girlfriend warm camping

I took this camping (Campground). Added it to the usual blankets. This time her feet didn't get cold overnight. It kept the heat in and was comfortable on the skin. The description shows dimensions but not weight. It weighs 4.5 lbs. Decent considering it's almost all wool so it can still go in a ruck.