6 Day Premium Emergency Food Supply (Long shelf life)

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A blend of various Freeze dried foods assembled with emergency nutrient needs in mind. Most kits skimp on quality or calories; this maximizes both. Comfort foods for stressful times that are nutrient dense, have a long shelf life and are very delicious! Good luck not eating them before the emergency happens! 



-Granola Apple Cinnamon (Happy yak)

-Raspberry + Vanilla Granola (Happy Yak)

-Breakfast Skillet (Mountain House)

-Hot Cinnamon oats and quinoa

-Hot Blueberry oats and quinoa

-Scrambled eggs/ w Bacon

Mid day:

-Chicken Orzo Soup

-Thai Soup w/ Coconut

-Ranchero Soup

-1 X Tropical smoothie

-1 X Green Smoothie

-1 X Berry Smoothie


1 X Pad thai

2 X Chicken Blanchette and Egg Noodles

1 X Moms Dried Tomato Cheese and Macaroni

1 X Beef Stew

1 X Teriyaki Rice


3 X Vanilla Ice cream sandwich

3 X Apple Crisp


NUUN- Immunity Booster

NUUN- Vitamins

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