3M Half Face-piece Respirators 7500 Series, Reusable (LARGE)

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3M half face-piece respirators 7500 Series, reusable with cool flow exhalation Valve design helps make breathing easier and helps reduce heat and moisture buildup. Silicone material provides a softer feel on the face. These NIOSH approved respirators feature a unique adjustment design to help reduce tension and pressure points on the face. Its head harness design adjusts easily, so user has the option of wearing face piece in traditional or drop-down mode. For use in abatement, painting, welding, construction, chemical handling and utilities applications. For use with all 3M particulate filters and gas/vapour cartridges. Cartridges, filters, parts, and accessories are sold separately.


  • Advanced silicone material provides a softer feel on the face
  • Unique adjustment design helps reduce pressure points on the face
  • Dual-mode head harness, option of wearing in traditional or drop-down mode
  • 3M (TM) Cool Flow (TM) Exhalation Valve helps reduce heat and moisture build-up for easier breathing
  • NIOSH approved