Toilet Paper Tablets (500 or 1000 Pack)


The best way to deal with messes whether in the wilderness or on the urban grind! These toilet paper tablets are great for personal hygiene, cleaning up messes, first aid applications, even as an emergency fire tinder! They pack down much more compact and dense than toilet paper and are biodegradeable.

Wysi Wipes are the preferred alternative to pre-moistened towelettes, facial tissue or paper towels. They are 100% natural. No chemicals and no artificial smelly scents. When you need a refreshing and durable wipe, you simply add a liquid. And it only takes a tablespoon full. Wysi Wipes, almost instantly, turn into a durable and reusable cloth. It is fun to watch when it expands and unrolls like magic! Take as many wipes as you need, they're purely practical and weigh only 2 grams each. And they're biodegradable and land-fill friendly!

  • PRACTICAL - Compact tablets that expands to a sizable 9X9" wash cloth when water is added. A must for campers, travelers and emergency preparedness kits.
  • SOFT & STRONG - Gentle wipes are a great alternative to pre-moistened towelettes and facial tissues, yet strong enough for any job requiring a paper towel, wash cloth or rag.
  • BIODEGRADABLE - Wysi Wipes are biodegradable and land-fill friendly towelettes that can be used over and over, in any situation.
  • KID & PET FRIENDLY - 100% natural cloth is hypoallergenic and scent free, with no perfumes, additives or chemicals.
  • VERSATILE - As with all Wysi products, use different liquids on the wipes for endless variety of uses. They will excel at any task you need them for.

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